Daiquiris & Demigods

A simple, universal, featherweight RPG system, where drinking replaces dice rolls. Pay what you want. Also known as Dungeons & Drinking.

From Amazon / Smashwords customer reviews:
  • “Elegant, modular rule set, clearly and colorfully explained, with bonus material on the shiny bits on the ends of shoe laces, which help you thread them. Also a great way to introduce otherwise fun and interesting people to a style of gaming that has never really held any appeal for them. A bargain at twice the price.”
  • “The layout and content are both equally brilliant. The instructions, as well as the sample dialogue provided, are easy to understand and simultaneously highly entertaining.”
Since it involves drinking, this game is for adults only. To get your digital copy (40 page PDF), go to DriveThru RPG where it's currently $2.50, or pay whatever you want here:

When you get Daiquiris & Demigods here, you also get:

Dungeons & Dead Presidents (aka Dungeons & Dolla). Two page PDF, containing rules to replace dice with cash in tabletop RPGs.